01.09.2017 11:13

OPTANO sponsors OR2017 Berlin

This year OPTANO sponsors the conference for the first time

This year OR2017 – the annual international conference of the German Operations Research Society (GOR) – will take place in Berlin, Germany, September 6 – 8, 2017 on the Campus of Freie Universität Berlin.

The conference focuses on “Decision Analytics for the Digital Economy” and takes up the trends that are currently empowering the field more than ever before, opening new areas of applications in industry and society.

More than 800 practitioners and academics from mathematics, computer science, economics, engineering, and related fields will participate at the International Conference on Operations Research which will be held in the Henry-Ford Building.

OPTANO sponsors the conference for the first time
OPTANO will be very active at the OR2017 conference, with a technology pre-conference workshop, software tutorial, an exhibit booth and attractive purple bags. This is a great opportunity for those interested in learning more about the free modeling environment and new features in the recent OPTANO version 3.0 pre-release.

We are looking forward to meeting you on OR2017 Berlin!

Pre-Conference Workshop

Hands-On: OPTANO Modeling

Tuesday, Sept 5, 2017, 15:00 – Henry Ford Building
Speakers: Dr. Jens Peter Kempkes, Lars Beckmann

OPTANO Modeling is a .net Modeling API. It supports a wide range of solvers and modeling aspects. Modeling is easy to use, supports code tests and has been downloaded more than 25000 times. In this hands-on demonstration, we will provide an introduction to c#/.net and the OPTANO Modeling API. We'll use some examples to explain its key concepts and illustrate its rich features. There will be time for questions both during and at the end of this workshop for beginners and experts. The workshop will be held by two advanced developers of OPTANO Modeling.




Presentation I

OPTANO Modeling

WB-02: Software Applications and Modelling Systems
Wednesday, Sept 6, 2017, 11:00-12:30 – Room WGSj102
Speakers: Jens Peter Kempkes, Lars Beckmann


OPTANO Modeling, formerly known as Optimization.Framework, is a .NET Modeling API. During the past year we have put a lot of thought and work into supporting more modeling aspects, better documentation and support for even more solvers. It seamlessly integrates into applications, leads to testable models and can easily be used in continuous integration pipelines - in short: OPTANO Modeling is enterprise ready.

This talk will show recent advances of OPTANO Modeling and the OPTANO eco system. It will address both users and optimization software developers.



Presentation II

Strategic network analytics for the postal industry

WC-12: Business Track
Wednesday, Sept 6, 2017, 13:30-15:00 – Room WGSjBIB
Speakers: Patrick Briest, Ingmar Steinzen


Advanced analytics are permeating almost all aspects of network operations of postal and logistics companies and result in significant improvements in planning accuracy and agility. A vast number of both off-the-shelf and proprietary tools exist to support most aspects of daytoday operations from depot-level volume forecasting to sort center yard management or dynamic delivery route planning. Interestingly, however, there seems to remain a last bastion within most companies that hasn’t been taken by analytics by storm yet - that of long-term strategy making. Many times, decisions on significant real-estate investments, long-term contracts or regulatory issues are taken with little

consideration of complex resulting effects on network operating cost, service quality implications or agility to support an evolving product portfolio (moving, e.g., into time-window or same day delivery). Is this because existing tools aren’t suited to fully support strategic decision processes? What would be needed in terms of tools, capabilities and processes to bring truly analytics driven decision making into postal board rooms? In our talk, we will briefly outline strategic challenges

most postal networks will face (or are already facing) in a world of ever-growing and diversifying eCommerce, globalizing trade flows and increasing competition. We will then argue that a new and different kind of analytics will be needed to address these challenges and allow decision makers to understand their networks as core strategic assets rather than a complexity to be dealt with. Finally, we’ll provide a brief overview of CEP2NET powered by OPTANO, McKinsey’s proprietary and tailored solution for postal network analytics.